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Olivewood Ranch

Yountville Art Walk

Bin of Tuscan Verietal Olives

Springtime at the Ranch

Garden at the Grove

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Olive Oil -  It's What We Do!
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We sell our oil by the bottle or in bulk. Visit our retail location in Suisun Valley, California, or you can contact us by phone or email for more information.  (Sales are plus shipping and handling)


375mL bottle





100mL bottle: $10







375mL bottle





375mL bottle: $22





Set of Three 375mL Bottles





Set of Three 375mL bottles:  $55






Holiday Gift Box

Holiday Gift Box:  $58







4 Liter Bottle (not shown):  $125       In store pickup only.

(Sales are plus shipping and handling)

Retail Location:
4171 Suisun Valley Rd. Suite H
Suisun Valley, CA 94534

Contact us for bulk sales.

Contact Us:
Peter Vernasco
(707) 422-0818


Click here to send us an email . . .



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