Our Process


Our Process

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Olivewood Ranch

Yountville Art Walk

Bin of Tuscan Verietal Olives

Springtime at the Ranch

Garden at the Grove

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Olive Oil -  It's What We Do!
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Spring Pruning, David Picci

Spring Prunning

Our Estate Grove is 10 acres of 1,200 trees and boasts four Italian varietals: Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, and Frantoio.



 The climate of Suisun Valley is unique to the area and helps to cultivate superior olives. Since we don’t get a heavy fog layer, the low moisture content of the valley air creates an ideal atmosphere for olives.








Our fruit is harvested by hand just prior to peak ripeness to maximize the polyphenols, powerful antioxidants found in high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Our olives are picked and pressed locally in the same day to ensure quality and capture that “fresh-press” flavor that identifies excellent extra virgin olive oil.




Proud members of COOC since 2014.
  Certified by the California Olive Oil Council as 100% California Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  



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